Fr Jolly’s Farewell

Fr Jolly farewell


A Farewell to….   Fr. Jolly Chacko MS

Fr. Jolly’s last weekend in St Andrew the Apostle Parish, Marayong was celebrated with a gathering after 10:30am Mass on 12th April 2015. The following weekend he took up his appointment as Administrator of St Finbar’s Parish, Glenbrook. (Ed)

Obviously, we will all miss him as he leaves our parish family. Fr. Jolly has made a tremendous contribution to the life of this parish through his ministry and his celebration of the sacraments. He has been with us just under 2 years and during this time he has involved himself in the total life of this community.

We express our gratitude to him for the totality of his Ministry and involvement; while in a special way thanking him for his commitment to the Youth Ministry of the parish, the Legion of Mary, and the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Prayer Community.

I believe we have all appreciated his genuine commitment to the people of this parish and the very generous way he has given of his time and talents. We thank him for the many gifts he has brought to our parish.

We wish him all the best in his new appointment at Glenbrook, and I’m sure we all will remember him in our prayers.

Fr Jolly farewell

From Fr. Jolly Chacko MS

   It was a great joy for me to be with you in St Andrews for the last two years. I take this opportunity to thank Mgr Ron for all his brotherly care, support and concern. I appreciate and I have learned a number of things from his administrative skills and doing things such an organised way. Above all, thank you Mgr Ron for the great friendship. I cherish it.

   Dear Parishioners I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your friendship, appreciation and support for the last two years. St Andrews is a great parish, where everyone feels welcomed. I thank you all for your great smiles, music, parties, celebrations, the enthusiasm and the vibrancy which make you all unique, remain in that way.

   I request your prayers as I move to a new chapter in my ministry of service to the people of God. I promise to pray for you and for sure I will miss you all. A special thanks to all the parish staff.

   Thank you, Fr Jolly.




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