SCAM Alert: Scam text / WhatsApp / email message

A number of parishes have been caught up in this scam and is becoming more widespread within the Diocese. Someone who is claiming to be one of various Diocesan Priests is messaging people on WhatsApp or by text message asking them to text back and requesting they send funds and gift vouchers to them. One of the numbers used for the false WhatsApp account is 0488 875 092.  THIS IS A FALSE ACCOUNT. The Priest involved did not ask for any assistance by sending such messages.

  Should you receive a message like this please DO NOT to respond to message but call or contact the Parish Office or Priest concerned instead to verify the sender of the messages as well as report the incident.

UPDATE: 01/02/2021 There is now another angle to this spam. The same messages are being sent but through emails rather than text messages. The emails are sent through gmail accounts which have been set up to seem like it is being sent by the Parish Priests.  



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