Marriage By appointment (six months notice)

It is the policy of this parish that marriages need to be booked at least six months in advance. It is the official policy of the Catholic Church that couples intending to celebrate their marriage in this community participate in formal Pre-marriage Education.

(There is a common marriage policy for the Catholic Church in Australia which was published in May 2001.)

While marriages need to be booked at least six months in advance, it is recommended that 12 months would be more appropriate. It is important to talk to the Parish representative before making a booking with a reception centre. This is to ensure that it is possible for the wedding to take place on the preferred date. Marriage preparation plays an important part in the development of a relationship; all marriage preparation is designed to help the couple in their relationship.

All Catholics intending to get married need to obtain a recent copy of their Baptism Certificate. If one of the parties is not a Catholic but is baptised, that person will need to obtain a copy of a certificate of their Baptism.

As well, Catholic parties to a marriage will need a copy of their Confirmation Certificate.

In regard to Marriage, both parties to the marriage will require a full copy of their Birth Certificates.

It is recommended that people looking to get married first consider celebrating their marriage in the home parish of one of them.

Before a booking for a marriage can be finalised, the couple will need to fill out a Prenuptial Inquiry form to ensure that both parties are free to be married.

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