Other Parish Groups

We are very fortunate to have a number of active ministries open to all parishioners. If you would like to join any of the groups, please contact the Parish Office.

Parish Prayer Groups
Faith Education and Formation

Acolytes: The acolyte is instituted to serve at the Altar and to assist the Priest in liturgical celebrations. In particular, he prepares the Altar and the Vessels and assists in giving Communion at Mass and to the sick outside Mass.

Church Cleaning: Each week we have groups of people who volunteer their services to cleaning the church.

Church Wardens: The role of the church warden is to take up the collections at Masses and also support the hospitality ministry by helping parishioners to find a seat in the church.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: The Eucharistic ministers have an important role in our celebration of liturgy, but, as well, they are involved in a special ministry to the sick of our parish community.

Welcomers: A group of people at each Mass to welcome people coming to the Mass, to hand them a copy of the parish bulletin or the diocesan newspaper.

Ushers: A group of people to show people to a seat, especially at our more crowded Masses.

Welcoming new parishioners: People available at each Mass to meet with new parishioners and to provide them with the opportunity to register as a parishioner and to provide information on the areas of parish life in which they might be interested.

Having a “cuppa” after Mass: An opportunity for people to mingle together after they have been to Mass.

Liturgy Committee: This committee has a vital role in the life of the parish; its task is to enhance our liturgical celebrations each Sunday and on special feast days.

Maintenance of the Church & Grounds: This group has the task of keeping up with the lawn mowing and generally keeping the church grounds tidy.

Needs Ministry: This is one of the unique ministries in St Andrews parish. This ministry operates when something occurs in the parish that is not covered by the other ministries: it is making oneself available when needed.

Overhead Projector Operators: As our hymns and responses for Mass appear on screens, these people assist the congregation participate in the Mass. This is a popular ministry for young people, but of course is not restricted to them.

Piety Stall: A wide range of religious items may be purchased from our Piety Stall. It is open after each Sunday Mass and by appointment through the Parish Office.

Seniors Group: Meets regularly and holds outings as a social and support structure for our elderly parishioners.

Singles Group: This is a support group for those who are single through separation or divorce, widowed or by choice and parents with children are most welcome.

Transport Volunteers: There are times when people in the parish need help to get to Mass and the occasional situation where people need transport to the doctor or to hospital.

Visitation Groups: visitation is part of the ministry of other groups in the parish; however, we feel there is a definite need to have people who are prepared to visit parishioners — this could be because of a particular need; it could be to visit new parishioners; it might involve census work; it might be to visit to families involved in the sacramental programmes; it might be to deliver material such as Baptism certificates to families.


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