“Every Baptised person has a Vocation “God calls us. At each moment of our lives, through all our joys and difficulties, we are being invited to draw closer to God. A healthy vocational choice is fuelled by openness to God’s call – not just in one critical, decisive moment, but in all the little decisions we make throughout our lives. The life of prayer, and a willingness to ask “what does God want of me? To whom is the church calling me?” are cornerstones to every Christian vocation.”
(Vocation. A way of life. A way of loving. A publication of the Story Source)

As the People of God, we are all called to vocation. Many of us are called to the vocation of married life, some to the vocation of single life. A few are chosen by God to the vocation of religious life as nuns and brothers. Others are chosen by God to the vocation of ordained priesthood. We must all listen for God’s call and follow the chosen path to our own vocation. We must also be totally supportive of those in our family, our parish or our diocese who follow the path to priesthood and religious life. We should also pray daily for these intentions.

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