Youthworks! History

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During the year of 1992, a bunch of youths from the parish agreed to form a youth group. The main reasons at that time were:

  • They all thought it was cool and fun to have a youth choir that plays upbeat music and makes the mass more lively and interesting.
  • They were all interested in music and loved to sing (even though some couldn’t really sing that well)
  • They all believed in the Mass and the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and how important it was to make Mass relevant to youths in the parish so they even asked for youth friendly-homilies
  • They liked hanging out with each other, meeting new people and making friends
  • They wanted some freedom in expressing their faith in their own way within the parish as young people

In 1998, the group decided to write a mission statement and give a group a name – YouthWorks! – and adopt the motto “For Faith and For Friendship”

We are·ALL for Mass. We believe Mass is the focal point of our faith and we want every young Catholic to have a great appreciation and understanding of the Mass so that they can truly love and live out their faith.

We are·ALL for friendship and fun – we want to explore and share our faith in a nurturing, enjoyable environment where everyone can be comfortable around each other. We want the youths to feel welcomed in their parish and be able to talk about their needs, issues and ask questions about our Catholic faith.


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